Sunday, October 19, 2014

Back in Black

Shirt: Lush | Jeans: Hudson | Scarf: H&M | Hat: c/o Windsor (sold out | similar, similar)
 Purse: GiGi New York | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

I am loving this outfit for the season! I love black as you all know and I love adding accent pieces so it's a WIN WIN! I have found lately that I have been wearing black pants (Zella leggings, leather leggings or wax coated jeans) with a black blouse and topping it off with a large scarf or fun jacket! It's such a comfortable outfit and a great way to stay warm while still be fashionable! I also added this amazing hat from Windsor that I have been adoring lately (sadly it's sold out but I found some similar) ! I haven't had to do my hair in days and I'm oh so happy about that! I have been looking for a good black boho hat and this one was perfect! I love it for the season and adding a little extra spice to an outfit! 

Side note: Ok if you guys have not yet invested in a good pair of black leggings, leather/liquid leggings, or wax coated jeans YOU ARE NEED TO!!! I have the sweetest friends who are always asking me about little fashion advice (not that I'm the best but I do know a thing or too). They ask, "What are you favorite things right now?" or "I'm going shopping what should I get?" and many more. My advice to them and you would be a good pair of black leggings, leather/liquid leggings, or wax coated jeans! They MAKE every outfit! I have a linked a couple of my favorite picks! 

1.) Leggings: I ALWAYS choose Zella! Their "Live In" Reversible Leggings are EVERYTHING! Yes, they are a little more for leggings but here are my promises: They hold you in (ALL of you), they don't fade, and they don't have a spandex shine! Everyone needs a pair or if you are like me I have 4! Whoops! Once you get them you will understand! 

2.) Leather/Liquid Leggings: There are a couple winners and I have a couple pair. I love Topshops - They fit great and have a great look to them! But I also ADORE my Michale Kors Pair which are ON SALE NOW 40% OFF! Making them only $59 from $99. Do splurge! You won't regret it! And one of my favorite reasons for owning theses bad boys is that fact that they instantly make you feel SO SEXY! I Promise! Anyone who has a pair knows what I mean! It's the best way to spice up your date night ;)

3.) Wax Coated Jeans: Last but not least! I LOVE these! I have only recently invested in these because it took me a long time to find a pair I loved and felt were comfortable! Some were to heavy and stiff and I hate that! But don't worry I got your back and found us a trust worthy pair! Well I'm sure you will all be SHOCKED to hear that my favorite pair is HUDSON! But don't fret loves! They are ON SALE 25% OFF!! Making them $120 which is a great price for a wonderful pair of good wax coated jeans! But friends! I heard NOT to wash them in warm ONLY cold! And NEVER NEVER NEVER dry your jeans & these included! That is a fashion sin! I LOVE these jeans and can pair them with SOO much! I love them from a rough look with a flannel or a chic look with a classy blouse! So many ways you can change it up! Theses are a MUST in your closet! 

One more thing. I ordered all of these online from Nordstrom because 1. They didn't have them in my size at any of the stores (hot commodity) 2. Nordstrom has free shipping and returns anyway so what do you have to loose! NOTHING! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Floral Vibes

Top: c/o SheInside | Skirt: Agnes & Dora | Shoes: BP | Clutch: Tory Burch 

Pattern mixing is something I like every now and then. So when I got this cute shirt from SheInside I knew exactly what I would pair it with! I got this skirt from Agnes & Dora awhile back and have been waiting to wear it! I love this shirt because it's perfect for tucking into a skirt. I hate when you have too much material then have lumpy hips, it's awful! I feel like this top would also be perfect with a good pair of skinny jeans and some heels! Transitional items are always my favorite because I love being able to wear something over and over! I hope you guys enjoy this outfit & TGIF! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Carnival For Mason

As most of you know I have a little baby boy who is now ONE! Yes, I'm dying but love it all at the same time! I have decided to share his birthday with you guys because many of my friends and family have asked and to share the ideas, and printables! Sooo I thought you guys would enjoy them too! We did a carnival theme for his 1st birthday. Now, I understand it's probably over the top especially for a 1 year old but I can't help myself! We love parties here in the Maddux household and our first baby is ONE, it's a big deal people. So here is! There are a lot of pictures but hopefully you guys can find some inspiration for your own parties!  I have attached all the PDF's I used and made! Enjoy! NOTE: I made these signs myself & am happy to share them but please make sure you pin them! Thank you! 

On another note (somewhat relatable) I was thinking about doing more "mommy post" I am all about keeping my little boy private but I feel us mom's out there appreciate relating to each other! I LOVE going to events and finding out a lot of my blogger friends have babies! It is nice to know that I'm not the only one trying to juggle my family life & fashion life at the same time! Comfort in numbers, thank you! So what do you guys think? I'm a first time mom and don't have much advice but I would love all of yours! I love new tips and sharing things that work for our family! So let me know. 

Thoughts on my baby bear turning one - I would be lying if I didn't say it was a little bittersweet. A year flashed before my eyes. All the newborn cuddles, the sleepless nights, the sweet little fingers that hold so tight to mine, the heart warming giggles, and the sweet baby cries, every single thing has gotten the best of me. I have cherished each moment. From the minute I held him my heart melted and became his. I loved him more than I could ever imagine that moment I laid eyes on him. Now a year has passed and I love him even more. I take comfort knowing that my love for this little angel will only grown and grow. He has taught me to be more patient, to love harder, to laugh more, to be more humble, and to snuggle always. He has me wrapped around his little chubby fingers and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I thank God for this heavenly gift everyday. The responsibility of a mother is one of the greatest gifts and most intimidating! How blessed I feel that this tiny one shares his life with me. Here's to a year with the sweetest boy on earth and all the years to come! 


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